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Boat License Complete Package 16 Hours Theory, Practice and Exam

1 Person

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AED 2,500


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Acquire your boat ride licensure and set sail for epic ocean adventures.

Boat ride licensure, commonly known as a boat operator's license or boating certification, is an essential qualification for those seeking to safely and legally operate watercraft on various bodies of water. This certification validates a boater's proficiency in boat handling, ensuring the safety of passengers, fellow water users, and the natural environment. It plays a pivotal role in regulating boaters and fostering a safer and more responsible waterway community. During the licensure process, candidates will practice essential skills for operating boats at sea. These skills include securing a buoy, anchoring, mooring the boat, maneuvering within a marina to dock the boat, and executing water rescues when necessary. Additionally, candidates will receive instruction on reading nautical maps, utilizing radios, adhering to navigation regulations, inspecting critical safety equipment on board, and responding effectively in emergency situations. To maintain a high standard of instruction and safety, the instructor-to-student ratio is maintained at 3 students per instructor, ensuring that each candidate receives personalized attention and guidance throughout the licensure program.

What is included


2 days course -total of 16 hours - Theory + Practice + Exam


No prior experience needed


Be above 12y old (candidates under the age of 16 will be issued with an endorsed certificate)


Bring your passport


On successful completion of the course; you will be awarded the RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certificate.

Location - Dubai | Nemo Watersports - Jumeirah

Nemo Watersports - Jumeirah

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