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Discover the E-foil in The Palm with a 30min Session

1 Person

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AED 369

AED 599


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Enjoy the freedom of water exploration that feels almost otherworldly.

Picture yourself gliding above the water's surface on a board equipped with a hydrofoil, effortlessly propelled by an electric motor. The feeling is a blend of serenity and excitement as you control the board's movement with subtle shifts in your body weight. The electric motor hums softly as you carve through the water, and the sensation of lifting above the waves is both freeing and surreal. It's a unique fusion of surfing, flying, and a touch of futuristic adventure all rolled into one amazing session on the water. Whether you're seeking a solo adventure or sharing the experience with friends, an e-foil session promises an unforgettable and liberating journey through the water, leaving you with an indelible memory of the sheer joy of riding the waves in a whole new dimension.

What is included


30 minute E-foil session for one person


Each person will have its own e-foil board


Valid daily from 10 AM -7 PM.

Location - Dubai | Break Water Adventure, The Palm

Break Water Adventure, The Palm

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