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Treat Yourself and Your Partner a Blissful 1 Hour Luxurious Massage

2 People

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AED 699


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An ultimate couples massage experience, where luxury reaches new heights.

Enjoy the tranquil and harmonious environment, allowing couples or groups of friends to decompress, unwind, and strengthen their connection while receiving personalized treatments. The combination of a soothing atmosphere and the therapeutic touch creates a shared voyage of relaxation and bonding. This experience serves as an excellent escape from the daily pressures of life, rekindling your connection and commemorating your affection, making it a memorable and romantic choice for couples or friends seeking relaxation and self-indulgence. This session will alleviate both physical and mental tension associated with daily life, enhance blood circulation for improved oxygen and nutrient distribution to cells, and facilitate the elimination of waste from the body. Additionally, it promotes relaxation, aiding those dealing with insomnia or sleep disorders in achieving a more profound and restful sleep. Skin benefits from it as well as it increases blood flow, potentially leading to a healthier complexion and offering potential relief for conditions such as acne or scar tissue.

What is included


1 hour massage of your choice for two


Choice of multiple luxury locations


Open dated voucher with flexibility to book at your leisure


Valid for 12 months

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